How to Buy Job Lots by Store (UK)

Online spending in the UK is expected to reach £120 billion. With all that spending comes a great deal of returning, too. In fact, 30% of online purchases end up getting returned versus approximately 9% of brick-and-mortar purchases. And as retailers continue to release new products, those returns need somewhere to go. This is where

Online spending in the UK is expected to reach £120 billion. With all that spending comes a great deal of returning, too. In fact, 30% of online purchases end up getting returned versus approximately 9% of brick-and-mortar purchases. And as retailers continue to release new products, those returns need somewhere to go. This is where job lots come in. Retailers liquidate their returns and overstock, or mark them down as clearance stock, and sell them off by the pallet!

Job lots are a grouping of items sold as a single lot. So, they are essentially an assortment of goods for sale as one quantity. These bundles are mixed, meaning there will be a range of products in varying conditions and categories. The best part is almost every retailer you know and love has job lots available to buy. Meaning, you can find inventory across the broad retail spectrum. From apparel and health & beauty to home & garden and consumer electronics, any consumer product you can find on primary shelves you can find on the secondary market.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Benefits of buying job lots
  • How to buy job lots by store
  • How to resell online (at a glance)

Benefits of Buying Job Lot Pallets

Now that you know you can secure inventory directly from the retailers you’re familiar with, it’s just a matter of getting started. If you’re still on the fence about buying job lots, consider this:

  • It’s a cost-effective way to secure inventory
  • Job lots offer a variety of products
  • You’re purchasing inventory directly from top UK retailers
  • You can purchase job lots by the pallet (AKA however much you need)
  • Online auction sites provide competitive bidding — only pay what you want for items!

How to Buy Job Lots by Store

You have access to some of the UK’s largest retailers when you shop on B-Stock Europe. With all the benefits that job lots offer, there is no better way to go!

We give an overview of different stores you can purchase returns, overstock, and clearance stock from below.

Amazon Pallets

Amazon Liquidation Auctions Europe allows qualified business buyers in the EU to bid on overstock and customer returned merchandise from the leading internet-based retailer. Everything from books, movies, music, games, electronics, computers, home & garden, pets, toys, children & baby, apparel, sporting goods, health & personal care, and mixed lots can be purchased on the Amazon marketplace. You can even buy small truckloads on Amazon – Small truckload (STL) auctions have 12 possible pallet spaces versus a full truckload (FTL) auctions are 23 pallets.

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To learn more about reselling Amazon products, catch up on Amazon Customer Returns UK: What resellers need to know.

Note: Certain bidding restrictions are in place for UK buyers due to Brexit. Amazon Liquidation Auctions will limit UK auctions to UK registered buyers and non-UK auctions to buyers registered outside of the UK. This applies to both Overstock and Customer Returns auctions. Shipping cost and delivery processes, along with payment method and tax on inventory will not be affected if you are a UK buyer purchasing UK auctions! Check out the Amazon EU FAQs for more information.

Wayfair Pallets

The largest online retailer of home products and furnishings, across all styles and budgets— makes this site great for home & garden and furniture buyers. On Wayfair EU Liquidation Auctions, you can find new, open box, and customer returned merchandise like furniture, decor, lighting, and rugs. Lot sizes are sold by the truckload and LTL.

Merchandise ships from Kassel, Germany and Lutterworth, United Kingdom. Buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping on all auctions.

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Unilever Pallets

On Unilever Europe Trade Auctions, you can find new condition beauty, personal care, and food & beverage inventory from brands like Dove, Persil, Omo, Skip & more. Buy full truckloads of merchandise or less than truckloads depending on your business’s needs! Merchandise will ship from multiple locations in France and The Netherlands.

These auctions will be available via binding shipping. This means the cost will vary depending on a few different variables including postal code, weight, density, number of pallets, how many pallet spaces will be used during transport, and a few other factors.

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Note: Certain products may only be available to buyers within France. Check auction details for specific information.

B-Stock Supply EU

Purchase inventory from our very own B-Stock Supply EU! B-Stock Supply EU is a multi-seller marketplace where approved buyers can purchase returned, excess, and refurbished inventory from hundreds of different sellers all in one place. Sellers on B-Stock Supply EU range from Fortune 500 companies to small or medium-sized businesses. You can find job lots up for auction in any category and at the price point you’re looking for—all the way from a single pallet to a full truckload of merchandise!

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You can also find tons of auctions on B-Stock Supply EU with free shipping. Find out more ways to save on shipping when you’re on B-Stock Europe!

How To Sell Online

Once you’ve purchased your job lots, you may prefer to sell the goods online. This can be easily done from your home or storage facility if you’re not in a physical brick and mortar location. Before you post your first listing, here’s what you should know at a glance:

1. Break down your job lots

You will want to organise your job lots by category, size, model, etc. If these job lots were manifested—which is a detailed list that will specify the quantity, UPC, recommended retail price, etc.— you will want to check inventory you receive against whatever was listed on the manifest. If they were unmanifested job lots, you will have to sort and create your own system for organisation.

2. Sign up for popular resale marketplace sites

Make a seller account on sites like Depop, Amazon, eBay, among others, where you can reach shoppers in the UK and beyond. Here’s a list of the 11 Best Sites to Resell Online (UK).

3. Get ready to list inventory

Listing will take up a bulk of your time, but don’t rush the process. You want to make your inventory look appealing with good photos, a thorough product description, and careful pricing. Remember, you start seeing profits come in when you purchase low and sell high. Of course, while still offering a good deal for customers.

4. Have shipping logistics in order

If you are shipping internationally, estimate taxes and shipping. You don’t want to be caught by surprise by duties and taxes. If you’re thinking of exporting, you will want to dive even further with Export Education: An Introduction.

5. Respond to enquiries

You make more sales the faster your response to customer enquiries, it’s a fact. Great customer service, and even a solid return policy, will keep shoppers coming back again and again.

The good news is you can start your job lot buying journey today. First, register as an international buyer on each marketplace you’re interested in. Second, submit a valid VAT number. And third, wait to be approved! Start sourcing quality, brand-name merchandise direct from retailers. To view inventory and get a look at live auctions happening in Europe and the UK now, click here!

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