• A Blockchain Platform that follows Ethics and Morals of Islamic Finance0

    The “CaizCoin,” in literal terms, means something permissible. This is synonymous with the Arabic word jaiz, which means halal, permissible, specific, and legal and antonym of illegal, haram, forbidden and prohibited. This coin is a liberal, distinctive, moral, and unique financial concept of crypto trading. It is aimed to bring an ethical revolution in the

  • With a Transfer to Develop International Outreach, zkTube Companions with Mo Works

    With a Move to Expand Global Outreach, zkTube Partners with Mo Works.0

    zkTube recently announced its partnership with Mo Works, a Melbourne-based leading digital solution provider. With a strong community of over 1M members globally, the agency specializes in creating top-notch launch strategies and branding initiatives. With more than eight decades of operational practice, the agency’s reputation precedes itself in supporting prominent blockchain projects. zkTube’s global community

  • The Decentralized Islamic Blockchain by Caizcoin In a position to Hit the Markets0

    One of many talked-about issues all around the world of finance and e-commerce at current is cryptocurrency. From Multi Billionaires like Elon Musk to widespread residents, roughly everybody appears to be speaking of the similar. With plenty of the well-known names coming out like Bitcoins, Etherium, Dogecoin, plenty of crypto mining amenities have been constructed